Sunday, July 11, 2010

Does being green mean itchy rough towels?

Ah, now that's a question for the masses!   I've been trying to take advantage of the summer weather and my clothesline all at the same time.   Washing everything in cold water and hanging it to dry is sure to help me in my pursuit of 'greenness', right? 

But this leaves me with one question.  If I'm not using fabric softener (can't as my son's eczema is too bad) then how do I get nice soft towels?  Am I doomed to itchy scratchiness every morning?  Will my houseguests be rubbed raw?   Enquiring minds want to know!

I have heard adding vinegar as a softener works, but I've not tried it  yet.  I'm hoping to remember with the next load of towels. 

Here's where you come in... If you have an idea of something to help, let me know.  I'm game to try it if i can.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Green Canada Day

This year I decided to host a Canada Day Barbecue.  Yep, one of those dress in red and white and show your colours, come eat the food kind of events.  Usually this sends me into a tizzy of consumption - you know, all the plates, cutlery, napkins, decorations, stuff we don't really need but would like to have.    But not this time - or at least no so much.  I wanted to do it differently.

I recently replaced my dishes, and wouldn't you know it, they are red and white.  How perfect is that for Canada Day?  So I dug out my dishes and mugs for the event.  Last year I invested in a bunch of kid friendly stuff for the boy's birthdays.  So I have a plethora of unbreakable cups and plates and cutlery for the kiddles.  So far, so good.  I also sewed up some red napkins earlier this year and had a stash of odd/ends of paper napkins that I  pulled out.  Christmas in July works, right?    My tablecloth - the unfinished length of fabric I bought in red/white checks - no one noticed the rough edge. 

Everyone brought stuff, and lo and behold - it all came in casserole dishes and the like. Other than the chip bags (we used bowls to put them out), there were no disposable containers.  I wonder - is this rubbing off on my friends? 

We had a good time - kids played, adults chatted, the barbecue bbq'd and we all ate, then chatted and played some more.  I did wash a lot of dishes, but since a dishwasher is the best option for that, and it meant not throwing things in the garbage, I'm good with it.

We were happily surprised by a local realtor, Jeremy Sutton with Remax, putting little flags at the end of all the driveways on my street.  It was just so cool to see that when we got up.  So, if you ever read this - Thanks Jeremy!  It really made the day.   I saved all the decorations for next year, a few flags, pinwheels and even the paper ones we got from the city's celebration, which we attended earlier in the day.  So once again, no garbage. 

It wasn't perfect, but I think we did better than we've done before.    Baby steps, that's what its all about!