Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Organic Debate

Tonight I thought I'd share a link for you to check out:

I found this on yahoo earlier today and have been reading this and other articles. I think it's quite an interesting one - talking about organic food and if it's worth it. There seems to be a debate about what is better for you - organic or not. And it also looks at locally grown, not certified organic but from farms that work hard to not need pesticides & hormones etc. Very interesting reading.

And again, another list of what to buy, what to skip, in the organics section of the grocery. Worth a look as it's more comprehensive that what I have shared before. (you may have to cut/paste this one if it comes out too long)

I'm looking forward to late spring and onward as the locally grown stuff will soon be ready where I live. I'll continue to order through SPUD but I'll also compliment it with local stuff as a lot of what I can get around here is grown without sprays etc. It may not be certified organic - but it came from just down the road so it's fresh and hasn't used up a lot of gas to get here.

So take a look and enjoy those links. It's nearly 8pm. We missed Earth hour last night and so I want to get in an hour of being unplugged tonight. I may be a day late - but I'm still trying! Besides, I had a date last night and I didn't want to miss the opportunity for a nice dinner out with my husband. We were participating in spirit and will do so properly tonight.

So...lights out now! And if you missed Earth hour on Saturday - take an hour this week and get unplugged. Light some candles and play a board game, talk to each other, take a bubble bath, a nap - whatever you fancy.


NeeCee said...

You would be proud of us. We did participate in Earth Hour last night. Our house smelled so good, we decided to keep the lights out for the rest of the night and just keep the candles going.

RJ said...

I really AM proud of you! I'll be your family had fun, too. I'll bet doing this every now and then could be a fun treat. Like camping without having to leave your living room. Good for you NeeCee!

ONNO said...

Do you find that locally grown produce is more expensive than supermarket bought?

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RJ said...

Actually, where I live the local produce is far cheaper. It's grown close to home so we don't pay the shipping costs. And there is an abundance of produce around here in the warmer months as there are many farms just outside the city and huge amount of hothouses.

We have a great market EE's that has fabulous prices. Some farmer's markets where there are a variety of people with booths may cost more - this is a fixed store that sells produce & dairy & bakery items that are mostly local. Some from the farm lot behind them, even.

But a regular farmers market can supply you with fresher items with more flavour. In the grocery store, if you buy local, it's usually cheaper, too. I buy only BC apples - they cost less than those from New Zealand - but they are fresher when in season and they don't have the carbon footprint.

My grocery does carry a variety of organic produce, too, and sometimes it's less costly than my delivery service - I think they have such buying power that they probably pay less. So I do mix where I buy as the bottom line is how much is in my wallet.