Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warm Sweater Wednesdays

A friend of mine, who lives in the Netherlands, mentioned on our yahoogroup that they have warm sweater days over there to help conserve energy. What a neat idea! As things are getting cooler, it's the perfect time to institute this around here, too, I think.

So I am declaring Wednesdays as Warm Sweater Days! All you have to do is turn down the heat a couple of degrees and put on a sweater - and I'm sure slippers would go nicely with the sweaters, as well.

Come and join me (and all the ladies in my yahoogroup) - turn down your heat by 2 degrees, put on a sweater, save a little energy and possibly save a little money, too, on your heating bill. Let's do this every Wednesday. Just think, if we all do it, we'll be making a difference that adds up to something significant.

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Heidi said...

Hi Jackie! I am visiting your blog for the first time and then see you mentioned me and the Warm Sweater days. Thanks! I love wearing sweaters anyway so these days are just plain fun to do. :) Plus who knows, if we all do our bit, we could have a big impact on this planet. Keep it a better place for those two sweet little boys of yours.

Hugs ~