Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat the Heat

Baby it's hot outside! In Southwestern B.C. we are experiencing a heat wave. I don't know what the official temperatures are, but it's 90 degrees in the shade on my patio! I think my laundry will be dry in minutes, not hours.

So - here's the question. Just how do you keep cool when it's hot and humid? I thought about a portable a/c unit. Apparently they come energywise certified now. But you know what - a little planning would have gone a long way. They are sold out - everywhere. Then I thought - a big fan! Nope, also sold out. hmmm. We have three small fans for the bedroom and our room has a ceiling fan (which I reversed to pull the heat up) Our nursery is the coolest room in the house so the baby is good, but our toddler, not so much.

I have been shutting the blinds, opening windows after the sun is going down and shutting them in the day (opening them a bit now for the breeze, which is better than the still warm air inside the house now).

I'm thinking a cool bath for the kids, a cool shower for us big people would work. Lots of water for all the living things in our house. I've been watering the pots of tomatoes/peppers in the morning and evening. The veggie garden when it's shady, and I have drip hoses in the side beds I'll use tonight for a little while. I'll have to water the rest of it by hand and the grass can wait until the evening of our watering day. Dogs and kitties are lying all over the floor (too hot for their beds). I think ice-cubes might be good in their water.

I got to thinking about that a/c unit. Here we get heat only for a little while - is it worth the money and the energy behind it all (making, transport, use) to get one? I'll decide tonight if we get those two fans I'm hoping for.

What do you do to beat the heat?? Any ideas for us here since we aren't used to this in our neck of the woods? (trivia - there has been only 3 other heat waves that lasted as long as this one is supposed to since the early 1920's)


Susan in SC said...

We have lots of heat here in the South. I would suggest you get a window unit since you do not have these heat waves often. Maybe put it in your bedroom? If not, keep you windows shut with the blinds closed and the curtains closed. You can open the windows at night for the cool air. Hope you don't melt from the heat.

Brenda said...

Bryce and I have a window fan, which we love. We turn it on around 8 pm and keep the bedroom door closed to keep the cool air in. We keep our doors and windows open as long into the evening as we can to allow the breeze to cool the house as much as possible, but I open the curtains during the day so my plants can get direct sunlight.

RJ said...

We can't properly fit the window units in our windows, since our house was retrofitted with our new windows, the openings are a bit smaller than before. But we are hotly pursuing the portable one - this can cool about 1000 or so square feet, so we can cool the main part of our house and feel good at night (and in the afternoon once the heat creeps in and gives Mommy has a meltdown following a toddler one and a baby one, lol)

It's predicting to get hotter yet. So if we get the a/c unit, we will use it when it's too hot (I'm good to about 80 degrees indoors, but we are way past that - we had temperatures of 104 today (from my car's outside sensor) I'm not keen to rely on it all summer long, but am willing to use it when it's too hot.

We own two more fans tonight - went to buy an a/c unit that they said was coming in right now - turns out they didn't but we got fans and they are helping as it cools to a balmy 80 or so outside.