Monday, August 10, 2009

Rainy Days and Toddlers....

Always get me down... or they did - but not anymore! I think I've discovered a secret. They like to be busy. So I got to thinking about how to channel the energy of a little person and direct it into something fun that's indoors and doesn't make them scream at their baby sibling.

Before I go any further - if you are Canadian you probably remember Mr. DressUp. He was my favourite guy on TV with Casey and Finnigan and Aunt Bird and Susan and.. yeah, you get the picture. But there was one thing that he did that really put him above all others. It was the way he made stuff and got those scissors of his to make that great sound when they cut the construction paper! I can still remember that from when I was really little. Now, he's not on TV anymore and I don't even know if there are videos - but he did leave a legacy that is much 'greener' than most. He made stuff out of junk.

I have been collecting boxes, tissue rolls, baby food jars, lids, bits and pieces of this and that and building a little box of creativity. Together we will make recycled art. A little bit of glue or tape or a staple here and there, some colouring, some ripping and tearing and, of course some scissors cutting paper (courtesy of Mommy) and we are set.

If you have kids - it doesn't really matter how old they are, making something out of nothing can be really fun. We've already done the milk carton birdfeeder, and made a lantern out of paper so this week we will explore other options - maybe a snow globe with some leftover glitter and confetti stuff I've saved, or binoculars from the toilet paper rolls, or maybe even melted broken crayons to make new fun big ones. The possibilities are endless and it gives a second life to something I would have recycled - and even better, to something that might not even be recyclable.

If you don't have kids - those birdfeeders made out of a milk carton never go out of style for the birds.
(p.s. I posted a picture to share what we made today. A mix of leftovers, reuses and stuff that he got in goodie bags and from a gift - all in all a wonderful, messy, creative afternoon!)


Brenda said...


When Patrick and I were little my mom made a trip with us to the Magic Market (think that's what it's called). I can't remember where it is, but I do remember that it had the most amazing crafting supplies that a kid could ever want! We made space helmets out of old microfiche films, and other crazy things out of the "junk" they have there.

You should ask my mom where it is. Who knows, maybe they're still in business.

RJ said...

I'm not sure if it still exists. I think it was on Granville Island and I looked up the shops there and didn't see anything. I wonder if it's somewhere local still?

I remember reading about it and it was pretty cool. I'll check with your Mom just in case as I think it would be great to go to it.