Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sharing - the greenest way of all

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun!  I'm on the countdown to return to work and have been making the most of it with my family.  Today I wanted to share just how wonderful sharing can be. 

I've been clearing out stuff like crazy around here - boxing up for a kid's stuff swapmeet, donating things and putting stuff on fullcircles and craigslist.   Normally when I post free stuff, people come by and pick it up from outdoors. I never see or hear from them and the stuff is gone.  But this past week something different happened.  I had a lady leave a thankyou card with a lotto scratch ticket in it at my door - just to say thankyou.  Another person left a little note with a handknitted dishcloth at my door - again to say thankyou.  A man stopped to knock and say thank you for something else and another lady sent me a thank you email. Wow! 

I never expected anything in return for what I was sharing.  It's all stuff I didn't need and I thought someone else could use. It didn't need to go to the landfill - it just needed to be connected to the right person.  That's all I was thinking.  But something else happened last week - I noticed that it felt really good to share.  I've been trying to follow the Flylady program ( to help me get on track with routines and clearing out stuff before I head back to work and she says to bless others with things we no longer need.  Instead of saving it all for a garage sale, I decided to do just that.   I don't have to store it and they get to enjoy it.  It's a very 'green' principle. 

So - if you don't love it, it doesn't have deep meaning to you and you don't use it - why is it in your house?  Share it and watch how good things flow back to you just when you need them!

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