Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day? I sure do – it’s SPRING and I long to be outside up to my elbows in dirt! For my birthday this year, my husband has promised me a raised veggie bed along our fence. Our current veggie patch doesn’t get as much sun as the fence area, so this way I can mix around what I plant depending on what it needs! I see lettuce (pretty ones!) and sunflowers (lovely and tall with BIG seed heads) peas, beans, more raspberries and strawberries, carrots, radishes and more in there. I plan to make it pretty.

In my old veggie patch, I’ll leave the rhubarb and the raspberries currently there, as well as my strawberries. I want to add in potatoes, onions and squash – maybe a pumpkin, too.

My dog loves squash/pumpkin plants so in order to get them to grow, they need to be behind the fence I have around that garden.

It was pretty cool here today, but I know it’s warming – the daffodils are nearly done, the tulips are getting ready for me and so much is greening out! I plan on getting out there this weekend as the weather is supposed to be somewhat nice for part of it. Lots of cleanup to do, a compost to feed (and turn!) and planning of how we’ll arrange things over this coming year.

Gardening is about as green as I can get. I use organic fertilizer and try to plant smart. Weeds go the old fashioned way – we dig ‘em out! (not the funnest part, unless you are in a bad mood – then ripping out weeds can be therapeutic!)

Do you have a vision for your garden? Pots on the patio? Herbs on the windowsill?

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Maisie said...

We have been putting up our glasshouse ready to get some things underway.
I hope to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, scallions,carrots,green beans, cut and come again lettuce, and a variety of herbs and some sunflowers for the birds.

We already grow rhubarb, garlic, and wild garlic.

Even though we have an organic veg box delivered, I can tweak it during the summer to bring what we can't grow, so we benefit all ways.