Saturday, May 15, 2010

Planting my Zero-Mile Diet

*-9-+It feels like summer is here.  It's over 20 degrees outside with a great breeze that's keeping it perfect outside today.  We've finally got dirt in my new veggie patch - a nice long strip along the fence that's about 3 feet (ish) wide.  I have my seeds at the ready and over the course of this afternoon I intend to start planting my kitchen garden.  

I already have strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, onions and potatoes in our original patch.  I want this one to be a little more fun, if possible.   So while the peas will be in rows, I think I'll try to sow the other stuff a little prettier.   I have peas, carrots, lettuce, beans (which will actually go along the trellis in another part of the  yard where my climbing rose is)*-

I'm hoping to get out this week and  pick up some red leaf lettuce seeds, radishes, and a few other things I've not thought of yet.  (one always has to leave room for impulse when choosing seeds!)

We have a few sunflowers that have started in the yard, courtesy of our neighbours giant sunflowers that dropped seeds last year.  I also have a few saved that we'll plant. I'd like those up along the fence, their pretty yellow heads watching us play will put a smile on everyone's face.  (especially after we cut them and get to eat them!) 

I almost forgot, I have have a packet of pumpkin seeds.   Since my dog loves to eat the leaves, I'm going to attempt to grow them in the old veggie patch - it's a bit shadier there, but I'm hopeful a seed or two will bear fruit in the end.  Just in time for Halloween would be nice!

I've spent the last two days setting up the garden to plant, with the help of my husband who nicely dug and moved dirt for me (thank you!!)  I still have lots left in the big pile for my tomato and pepper pots that we'll do next weekend.   And while digging, we've found out just what's hiding under that dirt.  But more on that in my 'what not to compost' spot coming soon!

PS... I added a picture to show you my little veggie garden - there is a spot along the fence that is about 3 feet deep and then a little fenced in spot.  It's now all planted and providing I take care of it properly, it should be very plentiful!

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Karin said...

Sounds good. I look forward to reading about how things progress.