Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Freecycle Frenzy

Well, I'm still working on the declutter aspect of my life. I have too much stuff and not much space. So I've been trying to get rid of things. I have a box of things to get ready for the consignment store again and today I managed to pass along a few things via Freecycle. I am now lighter one bag of packing peanuts (which I could not throw away), a bag of baby clothes, a bag full of hangers that came with many of the baby clothes my son got as gifts (also couldn't throw these away) and there are a bunch of things to go to the thriftstore.

I think I've decided not to wait for a garage sale. If I can't find a spot to store the boxes, I will either freecycle them or donate them. I just want the space back. Freecycle, by the way, was an ingenious invention. I find it amazing that there is a place to share things and to ask for things you need - and that people actually use it! Craigslist here also is good for selling or giving away things and I've made good use of it, too.

Today will see me taking down a good sized load of recycling. It's mostly paper I've purged - where does it all come from?? It's like it multiplies in the dark! But at least it's hitting the recycling bin and not the garbage.

I'm going to clean out another cupboard tonight after my son is in bed. It's full of 'stuff' and I'm sure there are some great things in there to share with others, too.

Dinner tonight is leftovers. I'm doing well on not tossing out leftovers since I'm sticking them in the freezer until I get to them. Makes it kind of like a free frozen dinner! We had a snow day here today and I'm too lazy to cook (saving energy, lol) and so this is perfect. I really am glad I read Maisie's blog and decided to follow suit.

That's it for today. A few little things.


Peter and Roma said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog and following along with your progress to make a change. And I'm getting some great ideas to do the same!
Keep up the great work, Jackie. Our beautiful planet needs more like you.

Maisie said...

Jackie, have alook at this blog www.nilrubbish.blogspot.com
Its about a guy in Wales who challenges himself to not put buy or use anything which would end up in landfill.

By the way you are doing great with your recycling/rubbish.

I have been doing thuis for a few years (before Thomas was born) and have really just taken it to another level this year.

Peaceful Valley said...

Jackie - you are doing well in your efforts to live a greener life! You have me thinking of changes I can make in my like! Susan in SC