Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Garden Growing

This is just a quick update to share about our little garden.  We've got strawberries on the vine, waiting to ripen, raspberries, too, and we've cut the rhubarb.  Lots of rhubarb came from that and we've shared with friends and family and frozen some for pies. (waiting for those strawberries!)

A few things didn't go so well - and I blame it on the lack of sunlight and endless rain we've had.  Nothing sprouted for a long time and of those that did, the spinach barely came up, same with the carrots. We have lots of leaves on the radishes, not so much the radish part, though!  and our lettuce started out ok, then bit it.  I saved 4 little ones and moved them into a shadier spot.  I'll plant some more over there soon.

So there are lots of things in the garden - the biggest are the sunflowers, cabbage, cauliflower and a few of the corn.  Of course, the corn that's growing well is in the wrong spot, tucked in with a sunflower.  Hopefully it'll move ok.  I put all the tomatoes and most of the peppers in pots. This is a sunny spot (when we see that yellow ball in the sky) and gets hot here for then.  As you can see, I ran out of pots, so I drilled holes in the old kitty litter containers and used those! (now how's that for re-using!)

I've put up some pictures for you to see.  The rest of the garden, well, that's another story!  One I might blog about here as I fight the weed battle. (with a shovel and plenty of recycling bags for curbside pickup!!)  Speaking of weeds, yep, there are some in the veggie patch, only problem is they are little and i'm not sure which is the veggie and which is the weed!


Susan in SC said...

your garden is very pretty! It's a live and learn process. Next year you will know the best places to plant things. You really planted a wide variety of plants.

RJ said...

Yes, we did plant a wide variety - We're checking it out to see what grows and what doesn't. This year is about playing with it, and next year it's going to be about good crops! - although I think we'll do well on the berries and potatoes this year as they are growing great guns.

It's fun to see what you can grow, even if it's just a few plants. I have a friend who has hers in 1/2 barrels and she's got a forest of veggies coming up in those - a few, but I see big yields for them.