Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's A Girl To Do?

Why Shop of course...  OK.  that really does sound cliche, but it is a nice segue into my topic.  If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know I used to have a dirty little secret called a diaper genie (long gone). Well, now I have a new secret... are you ready for this?   I love to shop!!!

Ordinarily I reserve that for second hand shopping - it allows me to splurge, but I'm not really contributing to the using up of fresh resources (this is how I justify it to myself) but lately I've noticed myself slipping. While I work hard to declutter - heck I even participated in a neighbourhood garage sale a couple of weeks ago! - I keep buying stuff at.. gasp... the dollar store.  Now I know, I know, this is a big bad 'no no'. It's cheap stuff, made with cheap labour and it comes with an environmental, and. likely, human cost.   It gets worse.  I've also been shopping at... double gasp... that big box store that sells more things than there are people on the planet.  You know the one.  And its for things I don't need - but suddenly discover in my basket (OK  cart)at the checkout!

Granted, a few things were on the list.  I needed some balls for a training thing at work; I needed sheets and they had the exact ones I wanted... but the rest?  Yeah... not so much.

I will be off for five weeks this summer and I will endeavor to cut that shopping habit in half, if not more.  It's going to be tough!  We also will be at two weddings and I plan on having 'fun packs' set up for my kids so they stay busy and not naughty.  While they have some stuff already from the first of my bad choices, I promise to look through what we already have to finish them up. And if I don't have what I need, to look for it second hand. 

The shopping bug has crept up on me.  I know I love it, and I used to be pretty aware of what I was doing, but lately I'm out of control.  If I want to teach my kids the lesson that less is more, I've got a LONG way to go.  And if I want to walk the walk, I need to lace up my shoes and get on with it. 

I'll let you know how I do!


Karin said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You might want to ask why you have splurged. Perhaps it's just a human urge, or perhaps you need cheering up or a bit of excitement/novelty in your life. I just bought a lot of summer clothes as I had very little for a holiday in the sun. Maybe I should have bought them second hand, but I find it hard enough buying what I want in the regular shops. I'd need a lot more time to go round second hand shops and maybe use more petrol to cover a wider area. I want to feel happy and confident on holiday and nice clothes help most of us do that. In the past I have tried to buy Fairtrade and/or organic clothes but they are limited in styles and sizes, so until Fairtrade and organic are mainstream I find it's hard to buy many Fairtrade or organic clothes.

Susan in SC said...

That shopping bug can bite any of us at any given time. I know, I have had it bite me a few times as well. You will get things back under control!

RJ said...

Karin, I am sure you are quite right that I'm shopping to feel good. It's like a shopper's high for me. Sales are, um... addictive. I do buy most of my clothes new - as you said finding things can be limiting if you only go second hand/organic. I do try to find what I need, and not more, though.

I just need to keep out of the stores unless I need something, not just to look and then want.. (and then buy)

when I do have the urge to splurge just for fun, I often hit the thrift stores to look for treasure. At least this way it's not hard on my pocketbook and it's reusing things. And it satisfies my shopping habit. I need to stay out of retail stores when I want to just shop for fun.

Susan.. right now I'm just staying out of the stores! it's safer that way until I'm back on track.

RJ said...
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RJ said...
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