Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green tip of the day! Salt stain remover

I've decided to try and add some quick tips when I have time - a tip of the day kinda idea.

A long time ago, I tipped over a glass of red wine on my friend's grandmother's white rug. Yes, red wine on a white rug - the kiss of death. However, she just jumped up, grabbed a box of salt and poured it on. Immediately you could see the wine seeping into the salt. She swept up a little, poured on more and left it to dry.

Amazingly the next day, when dry, it all just vacuumed out. The salt was red, the rug was white.

So if you spill something like that - try it. It's much better for the rug, the environment and for your health to try it before you grab the chemical cleaners.

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Anonymous said...

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