Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hang 10! or a whole load...

Of laundry that is! 

Today's tip is to hang your laundry.  If you have room, put up a clothesline.  There are so many out there to choose from - umbrella style, some that hang off the wall, free-standing and more.   They also come in many sizes and price ranges so you can fit any budget and any space.  I use an umbrella style one that is out in the lawn, as well as a small free-standing rack.  In my laundry room I have a rod that I hang things from, too. 

This simple thing can save a lot of energy and money, as dryers are one of the big energy hogs in your home.  If you are a laundramat user, think of all the rolls of quarters you can bank!

If you are intrigued by the idea of using a clothesline - check out Sundog clotheslines. This is a local company that specializes in them and their catalogue is awesome!



Maisie said...

Hi Jackie,

I don't even own a dryer. Haven't done for the last 10 years.

I line dry as much as possible and if the weather is inclement then I have an indoor airer which will take a full load, and this usually dries within 24 hours.

If need be on really rainy and wet/damp days I put some onto the radiators so that when they are on the laundry dries but they won't be coming on anytime soon lol!! this is mostly for things like jeans which are obviously thicker.

Brenda said...

Totally different topic (and yes I air dry as much as my laundry as I can - except towels, because we like them soft and fluffy)... a friend of mine sent me this link for a great alternative to ice cream. Super easy to make, and endless ways to customize the flavor to your liking.